Frome Potato Day and Seed Swap 2017

it's more than just spuds!


Let your tomatoes get very ripe.

Cut tomatoes in half, and scoop out the seeds and all the jelly-like stuff around them into a jar.

Add a little bit of water to the jar, then cover with cling film and make a hole or two in the cling film. (some instructions don’t mention water or cling film – there are different ways of saving seeds)

Leave the jar somewhere fairly warm for a few days, stirring the mixture a couple of times a day, allowing it to get fairly smelly. The fermentation process helps to kill off diseases carried by the seed.

Add a fair amount of water to the jar. This sorts the viable and non-viable seeds, as the best seeds sink to the bottom. Scoop off those that float to the top and then tip the others into a sieve and rinse to clean them.

Tip the cleaned seeds onto a ceramic or glass plate and leave to dry thoroughly. Then you can pack them, and label them and they should last for a while.