The Seed Swap

The Seed Swap is a community event, with the aim of helping people to grow their own food cheaply, as well as preserving our seed diversity.

Many keen growers save seeds for themselves to cut the costs of growing, or because they have found a plant or variety that does well for them and they want to be able to grow it, year after year. It is often easy to save more than you will actually need, so swapping your excess is a good way of sharing your excess and trying new varieties.

You can also save seeds from the packets you buy. Rather than waste seeds that you can’t use, it makes sense to donate them to a seed swap and see if you can find something you’d like to try.

How it works

If you have seeds that you have saved from your plants, put them in an envelope and label carefully with the type of seed and the variety, as well as the year saved and your name. Add your contact details if you are happy for other growers to contact you to ask about the seeds or request your advice for successful growing.

Bring the envelope(s) to the seed swap, and look for the Seed Swap Table. Hand in your seeds and choose what you want to take away.

If you don’t have seeds

If you don’t have seeds to swap, don’t worry. You can leave a donation at the Seed Swap Table (we suggest 50p per packet) and choose some seeds.

If you can’t find what you want at the seed swap table, there will be hundreds of varieties of seeds, including unusual and heritage varieties, from our commercial stallholders.


This year, we want to encourage more people to pop by the Seed Swap so we will have a free Plot-Planning Advice service. The experienced growers that help out on the Seed Swap will be able to tell you about how companion planting works and answer your questions on crop rotation and how to get the best out of your veg beds or allotment. There will also be information to take away, so that you have something to refer to when your veg are ready to plant.