You’ll find all sorts of plants, seeds and gardening equipment at the Frome Potato Day and Seed Swap, and we’ll provide details here as stallholders sign up for the event.

Pennard Plants

Pennard is the main supplier of seed potatoes for our Potato Day event, and they will have a huge range of early, new and main crop potatoes…

This year we will have a total of 90 varieties available. This includes the special French types which are not available until February. They have some new blight resistant varieties and the Sarpo types, Blue Danube, Sarpo Kifli and Sarpo Axona.

As well as potatoes they have 6 varieties of shallots, 8 varieties of onion sets, 4 varieties of rhubarb, over 600 varieties of seeds, unusual tubers in Oca, Ulluco, Mashua and Chinese Artichokes plus loads more. If you don’t like veg they even have 11 varieties of Dahlias!

Beans and Herbs

This local supplier will be bringing a wide range of organic seed, particularly in vegetables and herbs. You will also be able to buy flower seed here, including wildflowers, and this is a good place to find advice on organic growing.

Eco-logic books

A fantastic range of books for the green-fingered, or eco-minded. Eco-Logic, Bath’s specialist bookseller will be bringing its carefully selected titles to Potato Day. Eco-logic specialises in books that give practical solutions to environmental problems, including books on gardening, organics, permaculture and alternative energy. As publisher of Sue Stickland’s Back Garden Seed Saving, this is also a good place to discuss seed saving.

Wild Thyme

For fragrant roses, unusual shrubs, wildflowers, a selection of spring flowering bulbs, scented and unusual perennials, the Wild Thyme stall is the place to stop. This local nursery specialises in plants to attract bees and or provide scent for the garden.

In Clover

In Clover will be bringing early flowering hardy plants, including shrubs, perennials and bulbs. Plus willow craft for the home and garden. Their stall is a great place to find a little early colour for the garden and this year!

More Veg

MoreVeg will have a wide range of vegetable seeds, including many easy to grow varieties, as well as seeds for herbs and flowers too. With relatively small quantities on offer, their seeds are great if you just have a bed or two in the garden or you want to try something you wouldn’t normally grow.

Phoenix Perennial Plants

Garden supplies will be available from Phoenix Perennial Plants this year, who will be bringing a range of propagation equipment, good quality garden hand tools, gloves and supplies. Experienced horticulturalist Marina Christopher has been running a successful nursery in Hampshire for many years, and has collected a range of equipment that she has tried and tested herself, to ensure you have the best tools for the job.